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What We Do

We offer the following professional services:

Secured Loans

  • Personal Account  
  • Business Account
  • Savings Account
Investment Accounts
  • FX Trading Account  
  • Precious Metals Account
 Special Services 
  • E-Banking Special Projects
  • Financial Engineering and Intermediation    

           Business References

BGFI Bourse 
Private placement mandate of BGFIBank Corporate Bonds on Central Africa Stock Exchange.  

Government of Chad
Private placement mandate of Chad Republic Bonds on Central Africa Stock Exchange. 
UBA Bank 
Assisted UBA Bank Gabon with due diligence regarding its prepaid card program and business model design for its microfinance institutional partners FINAM and EDG. 
Exploratory business model study for cards, POS and ATMs. 
Groupe Puitbec 
Feasibility study and due diligence in Africa